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Mount any piece of equipment: Keypads, Card Readers, Intercoms, Cameras and much more! Convenient mounting solutions for security installers.

Hoods, NEMA housings and gooseneck pedestals aren’t rocket science, but matching every customer with the perfect mounting solution does require a certain amount of genius. Of course, an extensive product line helps too.

We won’t be satisfied by offering product ingenuity alone. We also provide superior customer service. You’ll find we respond to your questions and orders with amazing speed and accuracy. We won’t go so far as to mention the speed of light, but we have been known to produce a sonic boom around here!

Any genius can tell you that installing an automatic gate opener is one of the best ways to implement a higher level of security at your location, but it takes a special type of braniac to the mechanics necessary to create a working design that will keep your building secure.

By installing our pedestals, hoods, and NEMA housings in the construction of your automatic gate operator, you can rest assured knowing you have the right equipment to keep the system functioning safely while still making access to your location as convenient as possible.

Our protective hoods are carried in a multitude of sizes, meant to keep a security or access control device protected from the elements whether it is the sun, wind, rain, snow or ice. Made from 14 gauge steel, washed and finished using an outdoor polyester powdercoat. View our Hoods >>

Housings NEMA4.X
These high quality, weather resistant NEMA 4.x housings are ideal for combining access control and/or security electronics such as keypads, card readers, proximity readers, intercoms, and cameras on to a single pedestal stand. Learn more about why our NEMA 4.x housings are the best value and quality in the market. View our Housings >>


We carry, in stock, a wide array of security pedestals and access solutions to fit your individual mounting needs. Every element utilized in the creation of our pedestals, from the materials, to the construction and powdercoat process, is the best in its class. We stand behind the quality of all of our products, but our pedestals have been specifically crafted to be the sturdiest of their design. View our Pedestals >>

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48" ADA Stainless Tower
MSRP: $799.00
Price: $499.00
You Save: $300.00 (38 %)
48" Stainless Steel Handicap Actuator Bollard for Push Buttons, Push Plates, Card Readers, and more.
48" ADA Stainless Tower